We discover the MINI DOGE

MiniDoge was made by the DevTeamSix as the second token in their Ecosystem. MiniDoge is the world’s first Auto-Boosting, Hyper Deflationary Coin! MiniDOGE is on a mission to help animals in need find their way to the nearest animal shelter.

About the chart and the situation today

The Token was launched on12th July ( with a PRE SALE ) . It was a succes for MINI DOGE, you can see the chart :

The chart is not the best. what is reassuring is that the token is exchangeable in several platforms :

We have rarely seen a new token be tradable on so many EXCHANGES !

There is a game " MiniDOGE Crush" for Android. it's the same principle as candy crush saga.

The token has a utility.

Wat is the FUTUR of MINI DOGE ?

We ask the "MSTER K1ngSpaz" ( Moderator ON Telegram Official Minidoge ) , Do you are going to be listed on a new EXCHANGE ?

At this time there is no official announcement but being on additional exchanges will expand the accessibility of MiniDOGE to millions more people around the world. We look forward to making new agreements with more exchanges in the future

How do you see the future of MINI DOGE? What is your argument to convince new investors because as you can see the chart is currently not in your favor ?

This is a long-term hold as you'll receive not only reflections based on the tokonomics, But you'll also be able to receive BNB and reflections from the gas fees of in-house purchases in to the minigames.

Once MiiniPets comes out, you'll be able to spin up a unique free NFT as your character and play through the world and when you're done collecting and making an extremely rare and all the accessories you'll be able to sell that

And then the person who buys it if they ever sell it you'll receive 15% of that and you'll get that for as many times as its resold for the rest of your life

you can see that for the future of MINI DOGE it looks very bright.

Dicover the MiniDoge

TeleGram Official :

Website :

Twitter :

Contract BSC : 0xBa07EED3d09055d60CAEf2bDfCa1c05792f2dFad



The project come from ARIZONA in U.S.A



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