Solana, the WINNER ! ( SOL )

What is making a lot of noise at the moment is SOLANA, the crypto competitor of ETHEREUM (ETH) it exceeds the mark of 100 $ and becomes the 8th cryptocurrency of MARKETCAP.

The SOLANA protocol burns part of the costs in order to limit the supply in circulation.

The (open source) Solana project is presented as a solution for democratizing financial systems, and its mission is to become the default option for all decentralized applications. Based on the speed and scalability of services to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions and their generalization to the general public, the Solana project allows for a large number of operations per second, and provides for commissions of only 0.000001 dollar per transaction. Security on Solana is also enhanced by the addition of Proof of History (PoH) consensus and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus, two major innovations.

But how is POSSIBLE ?

Token projects with great success:

SOLANA is experiencing extraordinary growth, despite today a BTC which stabilizes, SOLANA progress . We have three reasons for this

the first is the creation of several successful projects such as Bold Badgers (NFT)

Then the second reason: The IGNITION TWEET

When you click on this tweet you can see a website, we have no more information, we will have more details today or tomorrow.

The third reason is that the sec records funds centered on SOLANA

The US SEC has registered a Solona-centric fund for investors as well as for the real-time data provider (Pyth) which plans to debut on the SOLANA blockchain.

What is the forecast for the next few days ?

We think there will likely be a correction ahead. The support area will be held around $ 90. Currently the rise is blocked by resistance.

However, Solana remains in a bullish context, and do not forget it, SOLANA receives the title of competitor ETH and many projects are being created there.

Chart Solana for 3 months




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