You probably know the BURN? For those who don't know what BURN is, it's just like the word suggests, burning tokens to decrease the number of tokens in circulation in order to give more value to the crypto.

The principle of burn is very simple, there is either manual burn or automatic burn after each transaction. Each token has its own particularity.

For example the VICE KING CRYPTO, the contract does not provide for a BURN, however nothing prevents to do a manual burn on the part of the owners of the token.

Let's talk about the REAL BURN now, what's the difference

the REAL BURN is called so, the real BURN. and it lives up to its name. The contract provides for a tax on each BNB transaction! therefore there will be a wallet which will be supplied with BNB. Once it is sufficiently supplied, this wallet buys REAL BURN and it burns the purchased tokens. This allows you to create a PURCHASE and reduce the number of tokens in circulation.

Thus the price of the token will increase. Isn't life beautiful ?

in addition to the ingenious BURN, the team wants to bring together a community in an environment of Security and trust then we will focus on the multichain.

Note that we are very satisfied with the quality of their videos as well as all of their media (website, images, gifs, ...). Their marketing lets us think that it will be very fruitful thanks to their quality of MEDIA communication.

We bring you videos to judge for yourself. You can visit the WEBSITE, it's a REAL SITE !

WHEN do you have to be ready ?

there is not a PRE SALE. The launch is scheduled for Monday August 23. You can buy with a slippage of 15%

In order to avoid being ripped off by fake contracts, we invite you to join the official TELEGRAM group so as not to miss this launch.

TG Official :

Website :

Twitter :



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