Moviestar, The crypto of the CINEMA

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

The famous Angel Basterga had an idea that was out of the ordinary. Ange Basterda is the director of the Netflix series "DEALER" ( Caïd in FRENCH ). Ange Basterga is a very well-known man in French-speaking cinema. He challenges himself with his friend "Santino Paoli" to create a cryptocurrency for the cinema.

To go into details, this crypto is launched on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) with a number of tokens limited to only 1,000,000,000 tokens. This will allow the token to be rewarding and will not have to be burned to reduce the supplies.

Ange Basterga would like to finance his next feature film with this MOVIESTAR crypto currency. Unlike most tokens in the BSC, there are no tokenomics and there are no fees for buying or selling the token. This will allow the Ange Basterga team to be courted by the big crypto traders.

How will Ange finance the cinema? MovieStar will be used to finance the next films of ANGEL BASTERGA as a director, then to allow emerging actors to come out of the shadows. There is a WALLET with 10% of supplies for the FILM. In return, 10% of the profits of the FILM will be used to reconstitute a portfolio dedicated to refinancing its films, which will generate two functions, the first being to give more value to the token and thus motivate the holders to stick, but also to self-finance. his future films thanks to the permanent inflation of this very innovative and unique loop system. It's a good deal ? Let's write a comment about this. It s a project for a few years. the start of the MOVIESTAR was a success, the price of the token took a value 10 times higher in 24 hours. the future is bright for this crypto

If you are interesed in invest in MOVIESTAR , you can take the contract here :


See the live chart :

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