KB9 The crypto of BENZEMA FANS

Let's talk about Karim Benzema, striker of REAL Madrid (KB9) He became the figure of REAL after the departure of CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo).

his style of play and his determination have made Benzema a benchmark in Spanish and French football today.

Karim Benzema is of French nationality, he was born in Lyon in 1987, he is evolving as a striker.

What is the connection between crypto and KARIM?

it is @Ikeynes, a KB9 fan who will explain the principle of this crypto to us.

@Ikeynes, Can you explain the principle of KB9 to me?

The main principle of Kb9 is to create a crypto community around the best current French striker in office: Karim Benzema. It allows this by rewarding its holders when Karim has good performances on the field (goals and trophies won in club and with the national team) through airdrops and burn. Indeed each time Karim scores a goal in a match our holders are rewarded with an airdrop distribution.

This intensifies the experience of football fans and especially Karim during matches and creates added value in their wallet. members of the KB9COIN community do not need to stack or farm their tokens to generate + value, they just need to "hold" and enjoy the performance of kb9 in the field.

How long has KB9 been around?

The kb9 has existed since May 2021, more precisely the day of its selection for the French team announced by Didier Deschamps on TF1. Our team being a big fan of Karim, we had the idea to celebrate this good news by creating this token

What is the situation of kb9 today?

KB9COIN currently represents 479 holders and has a market cap of $ 19,000.

62% of the total supply was burned.

The price of the token has undergone a correction on the day of the elimination of the French team at the Euro against Switzerland and the school holidays for football but has tripled by 3 compared to its bottom with the resumption of the news season (LIGA in Spain).

Karim having scored a brace in his first match allowed our holders to benefit from 2 airdrops and we are very confident for the rest of the season (Champions League) as well as with the next World Cup approaching (some surprises will be made during the qualification phases).

Your kb9 site has been modified and updated, what exactly have you changed?

We have improved the ergonomics to improve the user experience in addition to adding an English and Spanish version for our potential foreign investors.

In addition, a detailed description of our ecosystem as well as our reward system (airdrop) has been updated to the taste of the day (new season).

We have also added a new section called "news and airdrops" to provide public and downloadable airdrop results and a view of the current ranking of Real Madrid Spain with the ranking of the top scorers.

Since your token is related to BENZEMA. What argument would you give to investors who want to invest in KB9 but who are not a fan of Benzema?

Indeed, the majority of our investors are Fans of Benzema, Real Madrid, the France team and / or football in general. But our ecosystem which is based on our system of rewards and burns can offer another form of profitability (compared to the classics: strike, etc.) their investments.

The KB9coin community is like football open to everyone, it is its diversity that is its strength.

Benzema is approaching the end of his career. What will be the future of the token in 5 years when Benzema is no longer a player:

Do you plan to follow another player?

Do you foresee the death of the token?

Do you plan to follow his future team where he will be coach?

On our side we think he has more than 5 years ahead of him (surely finish in MLS?). When he stops his career, the tokens stored in the KB9 DEPLOYER (which is used to distribute the airdrops) will all burn and the remaining tokens will continue to be exchanged with a gain in value (rarity).

In addition, we do not rule out the idea of ​​offering a swap of existing positions on another corner linked to another player in activity (without fees ) to our holders.

You can discover the KB9 thanks to these links:

Site web :

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