Updated: Aug 28, 2021

We know that you like this title. IT's not a fake news, but probably a great pump is coming for the crypto MOVIESTAR !

Moviestar is going to present you the new WEBSITE and WHITEPAPER. You can discovering tomorrow the ROADMAP ! and this is really beautiful

MOVIESTAR is now existing for more than ten days. the performance of this crypto is quite good, look at the chart and give your opinion.

We can see MOVIESTAR is on the way of THE ATH.

We present you a great video of the token before the launch of the website :

When will the website be available ?

The website will be available this Saturday August 28 at 8 p.m. We are happy to meet Mr Santino Paoli, the owner of the crypto MOVIESTAR. We ask him some questions. your holders are waiting for the website ? And why ?

yes my holders are impatiently awaiting the website because it is a proof of seriousness. we worked to give them original and centralized content with all the necessary information such as the road map and the White paper.

Your launch of your token was a succes. How do you proceed without Website ? And without Whitepaper ?

sincerely I still don't understand how the launch was successful because I haven't implemented anything. I even refused to share moviestar on other tg. the launch was an accident it shouldn't come out so early. I wasn't sure if I should launch it in September or December.

Wat is your argument for the investors to choice your crypto ?

why choose MovieStar? if they like French cinema and want to support it while earning money in the long term. if they want to participate in the financing of future films in the cinema or on other broadcaster and be proud to say to themselves that it is partly thanks to them that such or such film has been released, with famous and lesser-known actors or even not even at all known, to think that we can also help to come out of the shadows certain emerging actor by directing films ourselves without depending on any influencer imposing their choice.

The project is super original and very attractive and we have no competition. Cinema fascinates

you can read that Santino is really very happy with the progress of his project and that the CRYPTO moviestar is at the start of a great adventure .... If you have any questions, there is an AMA that will be organized at the same time. time that the site launch.

screenshot of the futur WEBSITE.





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