Falcon Protocol " CROSS CHAIN " Community

For your general knowledge, the Falcon is cosmopolitan. It is found in all parts of the world. It is a bird that is able to live in many environments, much like humans.

Today in the SMARTCHAIN ( BSC ) ​​we have the honor to welcome the FALCON PROTOCOL.

From what you have understood this is a token that is out of the ordinary.

Remember what we said about the falcon, it is able to live all over the world. Note that today we are discovering THE FALCON PROTOCOL, it is a token that connects different tokens, and why not other blockchains.

How will THE FALCON PROTOCOL meet its ambition ?

We ask Nicolas (CEO of FALCON P.) How it's possible ? : We want FALCON to become the 1st community Token giving you access to other blockchains (cross-chains), but also to other tokens (cross-tokens), via preview partnerships !

Holder FALCON will give you access to "private sales" of New Tokens with airdrops, giveaways ... that no one else will have access to. These partnerships are currently being analyzed by our team according to their potential and their solidity.

We organize lotery and airdrop for winners !

Let's take a closer look at the FALCON PROTOCOL

If you are interested in investing in THE FALCON PROTOCOL, you will find the information below to join their growing community.

Don't forget that the falcon is everywhere !

TeleGram Official :

Website : ( website on maintenance )

Twitter :

Contract BSC : 0xe758c05E0e89284dbC0f7f022739258eF46Ce561




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